Living in a Waterfront House

December 29, 2021

Waterfront House in Miami

What it’s like living in a waterfront house? What do you believe you would enjoy the most about it? What do you imagine would be the most challenging of living on the water?

Today I was a guest at my friend’s David house. He lives in the waterfront house and gladly shares all the pros and cons of living on the water.

Waterfront House in Miami – Main Advantages

David knows how to live a happy life – having access to water in your backyard is a major advantage for waterfront lovers. It must be great to jump in the boat and get a lobster during the season or go fishing. Wake up, take a cup of coffee, go outside and enjoy the view with the morning breeze – it’s just as perfect and straightforward as it sounds.

“As for me, I live on the water, and this is my preferred way of experiencing a daily lifestyle. There is particular energy from the water which energizes and heals you, and I love it,” shares David.

Miami Shores, the place David lives, is the second high-end community in Miami after Coconut Grove and Coral Gabbles. David lives in a community with plenty of schools and families. You’ll see luxurious cars here – some people have Porsche, while the rest enjoys Bentleys and Ferraris.

“Living in Miami without a waterfront house is impossible for me,” declares David. “Whatever house you’ve got, the best reason to be here is to wake up in the morning and meditate looking at the water – it’s so fantastically relaxing and fantastic!”

“I try to remind myself that I live in heathen. When you live here for a long time, sometimes you don’t take advantage as often as you should.”

What about safety? David considers it’s not a big problem Privacy is not a big issue here on the shores, and people here are very fortunate without boat traffic. There’s nowhere to drive a kayak or paddleboard, so it’s only neighbors you may see in the backyard.

Waterfront House in Miami – Main Disadvantages

What are the main disadvantages of such a lavish life? Living on the water is indeed expensive. Someone moving here could be shocked by the cost of insurance; real estate taxes are high in Florida in general, you have to be ready for higher taxes compared to many states.

Maintenance is high, too. Salt is a big issue since it eats everything – you learn how to manage the rust fast.

You might find critters like mice and tiny crabs, snails, rats who you may run into your backyard. But it’s not a big problem – you don’t see it often.

When clients ask me about waterfront houses, they’re always afraid of rising water and hurricanes. According to David, it’s not a big issue – if you’re proactive.

“Storms and tides could be devastating, might cause a lot of damage, so people should be realistic and take precautions.”

Seems Like There Are More Ups Than Downs!

David shares some suggestions with those seeking a waterfront house experience. “Living in a closed community is more about the community itself. People should obey the rules and laws, for example, regarding the size of their boat. Try to be polite with your neighbors and don’t complain too much – and you’ll be okay.”

Let me know if you have any more questions. I would love to show this project to you in person, and of course, check out my Instagram page – realtor.katya.That’s it for today! I hope you liked the article. Also, if you’re interested to find out more about Miami neighborhoods, check out the articles below.

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