Miami Downtown

May 4, 2021

Everything you need to know before moving to Miami Downtown

Is Downtown the best place to live in Miami? 

Miami Downtown is the city’s bustling epicenter. It has everything – gleaming skyscrapers, sweeping bay views, and hidden places to explore. A neighborhood of layers, a mixture of history overlapping and colliding. Indeed, tourism destinations blend with local favorites like American Airlines Arena, home to the Miami Heat. Century-old buildings locate among new pockets of young residents who call the neighborhood home.  

Downtown Miami is the city’s international financial and banking center. Only twenty years ago, the area was empty after business hours. Still, a recent influx of development has since transformed this region into a lively and hip neighborhood. You’ll fall in love with amazing views, a modern vibe, world-class museums and parks, and entertainment and culture. The area bustles with energy and potential. 

Downtown location and transport 

Miami Downtown is the best district regarding location. Indeed, it takes only 17 minutes to get to Miami Airport and 45 minutes to Fort Lauderdale! Aventura drive takes 30 minutes, while Miami Beach is in merely 5 minutes! 

Don’t want to move around the neighborhood in your car? Downtown will offer you electric scooters, car riding services, and even free metro mover. Live in Miami Downtown is the most comfortable you can find! 

Downtown Miami living 

One of the best places to relax in Downtown mainly and Miami generally is Bayfront Park. 32 acres of lush grounds, including the Klipsch Amphitheater and the Tina Hills Pavilion. From the beach, you can watch dolphins jump and play while luxury yachts pass through Biscayne Bay. You’ll also have great views of the cruise ships and marina.  

Another pearl of Downtown Miami is Biscayne Bay. Located in the heart of the district, visitors of Bayside Marketplace can experience the real Miami. In fact, you’ll get impeccable international cuisine, fine shops, and exotic music in a beautiful waterfront setting. This will leave a lasting charming impression. 

Best places to visit in Downtown 

Here, you can also visit AMERICAN AIRLINES ARENA – one of the nation’s premier sports and entertainment facilities. Also, it is home to the three-time NBA champion Miami HEAT and holds concerts, family shows, and special events. 

Then, maybe you prefer FROST MUSEUM OF SCIENCE. It’s a leading science museum that sparks wonder and investigation, and fueling innovation for the future. 

Weather in Miami 

Miami is famous for having one of the most comfortable climates in the world, not only in the US! Just imagine, the average temperature ranges from 20 degrees Celcius or 680 degrees Fahrenheit in January. Moreover, 29 degrees Celcius or 840 degrees Fahrenheit in July and August! Additionally, the winter and spring season is warm, dry, and peak travel. Summer is hot and humid; make sure you’re ready for the season!  

Cost of living in Miami Downtown

Talking about price, Condos will cost you from $107,000 to $20M. 

If you’re going to rent for starters, pricing will be approximately $1150 to $60.000 

By purchasing a condominium, you will probably have monthly maintenance fees. Specifically, the monthly payments depend on the services included. Usually, you can calculate them based on the square footage of your unit. 

The fees include water, insurance, property management fees. There are also cable, internet, and other services. 

Specifically, fees may differ and are usually in line with the management style of that building. 

Make sure to find out if a building is collecting reserves for future projects. 

It’s important to remember that you can speed up the purchasing process by two weeks by paying cash. Of course, as long as there are no additional factors that create a delay like occupied property, condo approval, etc. 

In contrast, by having financing, the deal will close in 30 to 45 days. 

Miami Downtown Zipcode 

Zipcodes of Downtown Miami are 33131 for the southern section and 33132 for the northern area. 

Parking in Downtown Miami 

A parking space in Miami is a commodity and adds value to a property. In fact, you need to include a parking space in your sales contract if you’re looking for one. 

Parking spaces can locate in garages. Besides, others are located in an outside parking space. There may be street parking, and you can ask the city about the garage parking. 

What else do you need to know before moving to Miami Downtown?

If you consider your future taxes, don’t rely on the current owner’s taxes as your taxes. But, not all buildings are eligible for traditional financing. Also, insurance is a big deal in our area. 

Make sure to find out about any further inspections in addition to the regular home inspection. What are the current city rules about Airbnb? Finally, are there any neighborhood & buildings rental regulations? 

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It’s essential to work with experienced agents and lenders who can guide you on all these questions. Luckily, I am here to answer all your questions! Make sure to contact me for any additional information about Downtown or any other Miami district. It will be a pleasure for me to help! 

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